Fran Brady, Scottish Author
          I like to live in two parallel worlds:
          the real one and my own imaginary one . . .
 Join me in my imaginary world.
You will be very welcome!


The Honeysuckle Bird Café

A tale of silly, jealous and quarrelsome
birds who need to be taught a lesson.
A delightful, whimsical book to read
to children aged 5 – 9.
Older children, aged 9 – 90
will enjoy reading it for themselves.


            My fourth novel, set in The Hebrides in 1924.
            Jacobite legends and Druidic myths.
               A lighthouse keeper's daughter tells the story . .  


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Five women consider themselves staunch friends . . .
An exploration of friendship under fire and a tale of
what happens when life’s parallel tracks collide.

A Good Time for Miracles 
It is 1954 and the women of a Scottish
mining community are poised to take it
forward into the second half of the twentieth
century with or without help from their men.



The Ball Game

Plunge into the student world of
he 1960s! The Ball Game is set partly in
St Andrews University and partly in a farm
in north east Scotland, near Dundee 

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