About the Author

me with my beautiful god-daughter
with my beautiful

me with lovely granddaughters
with lovely granddaughters

My fourth novel is set on ERRAID, 
a tiny, tidal island off the south tip of the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. This is an area that I love and visit often. This is me with my dog, Tucker (who sadly is no longer with us) ... doing some serious research (honestly!) 

I’m a native of Dundee and a graduate of St Andrews University.

I’ve had a varied career in the voluntary sector, working for a time for Save the Children Fund and even sharing a platform (twice!) with the Princess Royal. In 2007, I turned from charity management to creative writing.

I’ve lived and worked all over Scotland and now live in a village in West Lothian.

I am blessed with three daughters, three sons-in-law, a stepson and daughter-in-law, seven grandchildren, a husband . . . and a busy life . . .

My Life as an Author

In the past, before I found my author’s voice, I wrote: journals and reflections; long letters and, later, emails; reports and minutes; funding applications and short stories (which have a lot in common); children’s stories and occasional poems; even tirades of grief, anger and resolve which I tore up immediately. You name it, I probably wrote it – but not novels.

Not until I was encouraged by a creative writing tutor to use my own life experiences and memories to describe characters, settings, conversations, gatherings and events. It was as if a damn had been breached! I wrote A Good Time for Miracles in one year and The Ball Game the next. As I wrote, purely fictitious characters came to join the ones drawn from – or at least based on - real life. Imaginary events sprang to life and dialogue flowed. In both novels, the characters and setting dictated the plot and I discovered the joy of creating my own, completely imaginary, parallel world.

A third novel, Eleanor's Journey, grew out of a fascination with the lifestyle and experiences of an old friend of mine.  

My Christian faith has given me lots of writing opportunities too: in 2015, I started a faith-based writing group called Loch Lights. This has been lots of fun and produced some amazing pieces of writing and two anthologies. 


with daughters and dogswith daughters and dogs

me with the love of my lifewith the love of my life

Me with Robert Burns at the Birks o’ Aberfeldy
with Robert Burns
at the Birks o’ Aberfeldy