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Disappointed and delighted!

posted 18 Oct 2015, 14:11 by Fran Brady   [ updated 18 Oct 2015, 14:24 ]
Three weeks into serialising my novel, 'Eleanor's Journey' here on my website and my Facebook page likes have doubled! It may not be the millions (even thousands) that some authors can command but I am a modest soul and 450 likes will do very nicely.
If you are reading along, do let me know on my Facebook page and tell me what you think of it so far.

As a Scot who once again watched our national team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at Twickenham this afternoon (with only 3 minutes to go!) - we won't mention the other (football) disaster - I am much in need of something to cheer about.
So here goes: Hip-Hip-Hurrah for all my Facebook Page Likers! Hip-Hip-Hurrah for E's J! Hip-Hip-Hurrah for . . . anything that has nothing to do with international sport!

As we say up here in Caledonia, 'Here's tae us, Wha's like us?' Who else could lose two international matches in the last sixty seconds of the game? It takes skill, you know. Never doubt it.