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posted 17 Jun 2017, 09:22 by Fran Brady

It is really interesting what people respond most to on FaceBook. I put a post up a week ago. Instant multi-response, lots of likes and comments. The other stuff that always gets an instant big response is pics of babies and dogs and news about deaths or illness, especially one's own (illness, that is, not death!) 

Is there a clue here for writers as to what people are most interested in? My latest novel, The Ghost of Erraid, has  all of those, plus a whole lot more, but . . . NO GINGER.  That's worrying.


Memo to self: doing a Sainsbury online order whilst being constantly interrupted by a holiday-houseful is not a good idea (seven of us on Iona last fortnight). Not only did I order it for the wrong day (Friday instead of Sunday - I was still on Iona on Friday and my neighbour had to let the Sainsbug man in to dump it all in my kitchen) but I ordered: 3 kilos of root ginger instead of 3 pieces; 2 enormous tubs of butter instead of 1 med size; 2 large cartons if yoghurt instead of one; twice as much cheese as I need . . . You get the picture? And arriving home to all that waiting to be sorted out and stashed away was a royal pain! Plus we had the painters in while away so furniture etc in house all displaced as well. Finally collapsed in bed, only partly unpacked, and slept for eleven hours.