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A lighthouse family in the 1920s on the Hebridean Isle of Mull. 

A bleak but beautiful landscape, Jacobite history, Druidic myth, a 17th century shipwreck legend, and a woman in the grip of a dangerous obsession . . . the suspense builds to terrifying climax. Read more 

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also on sale in: 
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It has been my pleasure and privilege to lead this faith-based writing group for the past two and a half years, during which we have had 30 meetings!

We meet in Linlithgow, Scotland, once a month on a Monday afternoon. We welcome visitors, with or without a view to joining. Some amazing pieces of writing have resulted from the themes we have had for each meeting. We have rounded up some of the best and produced two annual anthologies.

Interested? Find out more at where Loch Lights is a featured writing group. 

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Five women consider themselves staunch friends . . .
An exploration of friendship under fire and a tale of
what happens when life’s parallel tracks collide.

A Good Time for Miracles 
It is 1954 and the women of a Scottish
mining community are poised to take it
forward into the second half of the twentieth
century with or without help from their men.