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A Kiss is Just a Kiss

posted 14 Sept 2016, 04:36 by Fran Brady

Did you kiss? Was he good? They crowd round me, agog
Are you going to see him again?
That collision of lips and bumping of noses
That exchange of saliva and breath
And that’s that for this thing called a kiss?

What does it mean, that cross at the end of a text?
Just a symbol of lighthearted fun?
Courting favour, taking liberty way beyond fact?
Impudence, maybe betrayal
And that’s that, Judas knew, with one kiss

Who was he? Do I know him? My memory of last night has holes
I drank too much, he was too smooth
His kiss was too rough, his demands without pity
My lips are bruised - and my thighs and my pride
And that’s that, party girl, one night stand

MOWAH! She kisses the air at the side of my head
Mowah to you too, I reply
Keep in touch, ring me soon, don’t leave it so long
No, of course not, we mustn’t, no way
And that’s that for another ten years

Kiss Great-Aunt Mary - come on, there’s no choice
Smell talc and feel papery skin
Butterfly lips brush over her cheek
Barely touching, withholding a breath
And that’s that for another New Year

Here it comes, the dread moment, unwritten law
A date must always end in a kiss
But this is new; it feels good; I want more
There is promise; excitement is rising
And that’s that? Is he IT? Can this be?

Virgin-white dress, whispered vows, well-dressed guests
Laughing toasts, endless selfies and smiles
First married kiss, all alone, wedding night
Ready for passion, intense escalation
And that’s that - till we start up again!

Smell that smell! As she thrusts it at me, I recoil
My comfort zone seriously breached
It is snuffling, eyes bossing, new life in my arms
Kiss his head, smell that smell, breathe it in
And that’s that, for a lifetime, I’m hooked

Day of condolence, black clothes and sad singing
Comfort from memories, strength from shared love
Last opportunity, loss for eternity
Cold farewell kiss seals a lifetime of love
And that’s that. I have loved. I have lost