The Ball Game

The Ball Game
This book is ‘for all those who remember the sixties -
and for those who don’t, even if they were there.’
Experience: the clothes, the music, the make-up;
university students with grants and teenagers with attitude;
baffled parents trying to grasp what is happening;
strange new machines called computers;
and some hot pop music from Liverpool.
St Andrews University


Two worlds collide in the ivory tower of St Andrews University. A girl from a down-to-earth farming background finds herself chased by an Oxbridge reject. A formal ball is looming and the race is on to find a partner. A game of assumptions and deceptions is played out. The stage seems set for a night of glamour and frivolity; instead, as the night of the ball unravels, there is calamity, shock and guilt. Characters are tested: some rise to the challenge; some are found wanting.

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Amazon Reader Reviews

  • ‘Many likable (and a few unlikable!) characters with plot twists and turns which will leave you hooked’
  •  ‘Well-crafted and highly entertaining’
  • ‘A good plot, 'under your skin' characters and great dialogue’
  • ‘The story line is enthralling and the author has captured the mood and atmosphere of university life at that time perfectly’
  • ‘This book is definitely worth reading’