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St Andrews University

St Andrews University
..meeting place of Prince William and Kate…but this is 1964..

Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English- speaking world, founded in 1413, situated on the east coast of Fife. St Andrews is also, of course, the home of golf, regularly hosting the British Open Championship.

The Ball Game

  • “captures university and home life of the period with attention to detail and dialogue that is credible and authentic”
     (Alistair Forrest, author of Libertas, publ. by Quaestor 2000)
  • “captures the timeless pretentiousness of undergraduates”
     (Mavis Klein author of Live Issues: Reflections on The Human Condition)

We hear about:

the magic of the ancient town, the grey, old buildings of Quad brightened with red-gowned students; the formal meals in Chattan with the sung Latin grace and late-comers bowing to the top table; the late-night huddles round room-fires; the dusty lecture rooms and even dustier lecturers; the age-old traditions like Raisin Monday... (chapter four)

We meet:

  • St Andrews Uni Coat of Arms
    the girls of Chattan (Mackintosh Hall of Residence)
  • the boys of Sally’s (St Salvator’s Hall of Residence)
  • the “Oxbridge Rejects”: Having failed to gain a place at either Oxford or Cambridge, they had reluctantly settled for the third oldest university in Britain. They brought their London manners with them: they thought they were what Caroline’s Aberdeen granny called “nae sma’ drink”
  • Fossil Forsyth, the philosophy lecturer: Rumour had it that he had once lectured to an empty room without noticing
  • The Gusset, Warden of Chattan: the nickname was partly a play on her name and partly due to Augusta Goldsmith’s splayed-footed walk which Doctor Patsy had diagnosed as a bad case of the double gusset

And we go with them all to

…the Saturday night hop in the Younger Hall, a cattlemarket, and a hot, sweaty, graceless one at that
…and to Chattan Ball, one of the biggest and best of the year, invitations were much sought after.