The Ghost of Erraid


In 1924, the Galways - Robert, Maggie, and their children, Liza and Gerry, 
become a lighthouse family on Erraid, a tiny causeway islet off the south tip
of the Hebridean Isle of Mull. Frequently caught between her violent, abusive
father and her gentle mother, Liza struggles to make sense of the local 
schoolteacher's obsessive interest in Gerry. 

In the bleak but beautiful landscape, Jacobite history, Druidic myth and 
17th century shipwreck legend combine to create an unfolding drama
which escalates to a terrifying climax. 

Watch a short film of the locations in the book to appreciate the beauty of this area: 

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The characters are living breathing people and all seen through those perceptive, characterful. youthful eyes: warm, intelligent, impetuous, 'hidden-doon' Liza, beautifully drawn just at the cusp of child/adulthood. I can't tell you how good it was to be swept up in their story.
                                        Linna Monteath

This book isn't just about the story but also about the sense of place and time, the characters and the atmosphere. I enjoyed being with them in that time and place. To achieve that with a young focus-character for an adult audience is outstanding.
                                        Eluned Kronacher-Edwards