The Honeysuckle Bird Café

The Honeysuckle Bird Café

  In a corner of the village there is a garden. In a corner of the garden there is a bird table, a little house-on-stilts. But this is no ordinary bird table. It is the world-famous Honeysuckle Bird Café.
  ‘World-famous?’ you scoff. ‘I’ve never heard of it.’
  Ah but, if you are reading this, you are probably a person and your world is the world of people. There is another world – a world where The Honeysuckle Bird Café is very well-known indeed . . .  

The Honeysuckle Bird Café is popular with all the birds because of the wonderful fare provided by Mrs Dressing-Gown. In this busy garden, there is never a dull moment but Tucker the dog helps Mrs D-G keep the peace.

It is spring and the nests are full of promise as hatching time draws near. The female birds are stuck in the nests, sitting on the eggs, growing restless and demanding. The male birds are worn out trying to keep them happy.

This is a tale of silly, jealous and quarrelsome birds who need to be taught a lesson. You see, birds can be just like people . . .

 A delightful whimsical book to read to children aged 5 – 9. Older children, aged 9 – 90, will enjoy reading it for themselves.

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All proceeds to the charity Love Ghana